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Creating a Culture of Continuous Improvement

Creating the CI Culture

For Leaders

In this 1 day session we will…

•Explore 2 fundamental questions..  “What will it take” and “How will I know”

•Cut to the CI essential practical actions and behaviours using a simple daily routine to get you role modelling and reinforcing the CI cultural shift

•Explore what it will take to get everyone able to THINK ‘I want to’, FEEL ‘I can’ and DO ‘What it takes’ for your CI to land well, stick and stay

•All underpinned with classic change theories, best in class principles and personal learnings to accelerate your CI Journey

Equipping the CI Team

For CI Coaches

In this 3 day session we will…

We explore what it will take to create a CI way of working

•We use our  Gamified Bureau de Change workplace to teach you how to set up and start your CI habit

•We do this by setting our goal, agree the metrics that matter and create a huddle board.

•We map our processes and create a bug board we then have a go at problem solving

•Over the 3 days everyone gets to play a role in continually improving our Bureau de Change using our new CI toolkit and behaviours

And if you’re interested in achieving an industry wide certification, our 3 day event will provide you with the platform to achieve BQF Lean and Change Management  Practitioner

Getting everyone CI ready

For Everyone

In this 1 day session we will…

•Introduce the teams to the basics of working in a CI way

•We use our simulated game to teach everyone the basic tools for problem solving

•We equip everyone involved with a change ready mindset to THINK ‘I want to’, FEEL ‘I can’ and DO ‘What it takes’ for your CI to land well, stick and stay

•All of this is applied in a fun gamified way

All courses are accredited by the British Quality Foundation with the option of attaining certification