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Achieving Brilliant Change ®

A real blend of Change and Project Management

Change Maker Leader

In this 1 day session we will…


  • Explore 2 fundamental questions.. “What will it Take” and “How will I know” to Make Change land well in my organisation
  • Cut to the essential practical change management essentials that make the biggest impact and will compliment your current change capability investment
  • Show you a very simple action plan of daily activity to get you role modelling and reinforcing behavioural change and cultural shift
  • Explore what it will take to ensure everyone in your organisation is able to THINK ‘I can’, FEEL ‘I want to’ and DO ‘what it takes’ for change to land well, stick and stay
  • All underpinned by classic change management theory, best in class principles and our own personal learnings, so you can avoid the common pitfalls and accelerate your change​

Advanced Change Maker 

In this 3 day session we will…


  • Cut to the essential project and change management tools that make the biggest impact

  • Develop your ability to adjust to changes to the plan focusing on pace and agility

  • Run a gamified change simulation so you get to practice delivering change.. your skills in action whilst learning

  • Challenge you to reflect on how you apply your learning to your own change

  • Help you apply the fundamental principles of “What it will take” to make your change land well, stick and stay so it feels good for all those impacted and achieves the cultural shift you seek

  • Share with you what it will take to get the most from your change leader or sponsor

  • And if you’re interested in achieving an industry wide certification, our 3 day event will provide you with the platform to achieve BQF Change Management Advanced Practitioner

Change Maker Team

In this 1 day session we will…


  • Help you to understand why people react to change and how to manage those natural reactions when they happen to you

  • Give you a basic understanding of what to expect and what to do to ensure change lands well, feels good, sticks and stays

  • Challenge you to equip yourself with a change ready mindset, so everyone in your team is able to THINK ‘I can’, FEEL ‘I want to’ and DO ‘what it takes’ for your change to land well, stick and stay

  • Get you applying this learning to a fun gamified simulation.. You always learn more when its Fun!

All courses are accredited by the British Quality Foundation with the option of attaining certification

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